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Strike while the Iron is Hot

Well this is one way of getting more gifts at your baby shower.

It’s not like I’m an expert when it comes to pornstars so forgive me if this girl is actually well know but I don’t recognise her from anywhere else so I’m left to assume that she’s decided to open a site dedicated to herself and the period of her pregnancy. If anyone is ever going to get blamed for not using every opportunity life creates this girl will never be it.

The pregnancy porn niche as actually very popular and since there is an obvious time limit for the girls on when they can actually do it it makes perfect sense that if you were ever going to get yourself into porn that you would make use of this opportunity.

I can understand how it might just be too much of a personal thing for some girls but let’s face it, those that seriously consider porn are way more flexible on morals and values.

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The Non-Conformists

I love the name of this Adult Time network site: Shape of Beauty. It’s not because I have a fetish for bigger girls because I don’t have a specific preference, I just like women.

I do believe though that bigger girls are underestimated and that actually sounds like a terrible way to put it. I don’t mean that they are crap but not as crap as you might think. What I mean is that guys overlook them for stupid reasons like that it might be uncool to be with a bigger girl or crap like social norms and the sense of belonging.

Honestly, if there’s one thing I am the most grateful for about the way I am it might be that I neither desire, nor do I comprehend this desire of the masses to be the same. To do what’s fashionable, to seek to be the same as everyone else as to not stand out.

Those people miss out on so much, like beautiful chubby girls. Their loss.

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All the Woman You Could Want

It’s not the tattoos, I have a few myself, it’s that look that tells me she’ll fuck you so hard your eyes will water. Calista Roxxx is her name by the way, if you wanted to check out more of her work.

I remember when I was still a youngster I and had basically just discovered my sexuality and was cocky as hell, I was flirting with a friend’s mom. She was considerably older than I was of course but she wasn’t old by any means. She was single and I could see she enjoyed the attention even if she just played it down as amusement. It was when she said “you couldn’t handle me, I’d break your back” and I replied with honesty that I should be so lucky that she flushed bright red for the first time. Amusing flirting had just become real at that point.

She had this kind of look in her eye after that.

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