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Month: June, 2019

Treasuring a Changing Body

Every time I see a pregnant woman in public, I cannot help but think about the fact that she got that way because of a man’s cum. That full, pregnant belly is pretty much a declaration of her sexuality. I can’t help it. My mind goes there every time.

It isn’t often that I get to see pregnant women on big name porn sites, so when I spotted a blooming belly and tender breasts with darkening nipples on such a site this afternoon, I was thrilled. It stole my breath away. Her beauty and sensuality was captured flawlessly. She looked like a fertility goddess.

I probably spend more time exploring porn sites than is good for me, but I don’t predict that will chnge any time soon. I don’t find pregnant models as often as I would like, but maybe that is part of what makes them so special.

Today, I saw I could save 92% with a MetArt Network discount and I signed up right away. I am eager to see what treasure I may find in their vast collection.