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Month: March, 2024

A Pregnant Woman’s Juggs

I remember back when my wife was pregnant. I loved every inch of her body and was quite surprised by it. Seeing her swollen tummy got me excited, but I also fell in love with the way her hips widened, and her breasts went from barely-there mosquito bites to gloriously rounded globes that were heavy and full. I have to admit, when her body returned to it’s normal slim build by the time our kid was a toddler, I was a little disappointed. I hear so many people complain about their old ladies not getting back their figure, but I really wanted mine to hold on to her softer body.  And I especially missed the tits.

Luckily, I was able to find this Scoreland discount for up to 61% off. This has introduced me to a sexy world of adult entertainment where all of the women have big bouncy boobies, and they aren’t shy about showing them off. There’s a variety of chicks here from the barely legal to the more mature. Some are thin, some are chubby, and some are even pregnant. But they all have those juggs that we know and love.