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The Non-Conformists

I love the name of this Adult Time network site: Shape of Beauty. It’s not because I have a fetish for bigger girls because I don’t have a specific preference, I just like women.

I do believe though that bigger girls are underestimated and that actually sounds like a terrible way to put it. I don’t mean that they are crap but not as crap as you might think. What I mean is that guys overlook them for stupid reasons like that it might be uncool to be with a bigger girl or crap like social norms and the sense of belonging.

Honestly, if there’s one thing I am the most grateful for about the way I am it might be that I neither desire, nor do I comprehend this desire of the masses to be the same. To do what’s fashionable, to seek to be the same as everyone else as to not stand out.

Those people miss out on so much, like beautiful chubby girls. Their loss.

And your loss if you miss out on this opportunity to save 74% now with a Shape Of Beauty discount.