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Treasuring a Changing Body

Every time I see a pregnant woman in public, I cannot help but think about the fact that she got that way because of a man’s cum. That full, pregnant belly is pretty much a declaration of her sexuality. I can’t help it. My mind goes there every time.

It isn’t often that I get to see pregnant women on big name porn sites, so when I spotted a blooming belly and tender breasts with darkening nipples on such a site this afternoon, I was thrilled. It stole my breath away. Her beauty and sensuality was captured flawlessly. She looked like a fertility goddess.

I probably spend more time exploring porn sites than is good for me, but I don’t predict that will chnge any time soon. I don’t find pregnant models as often as I would like, but maybe that is part of what makes them so special.

Today, I saw I could save 92% with a MetArt Network discount and I signed up right away. I am eager to see what treasure I may find in their vast collection.

So Many Inseminated Women

There are pregnant women all around me lately. Neighbors, friend’s wives, store workers, etc are all knocked up right now. Everyone is excited and talking about the miracle of life and expanding their families, but I can’t stop thinking of the hot nasty sex that made it all possible. I know everyone has sex, but when a woman is pregnant, she advertises it. Every time friends tell me that they got a girl pregnant, all I can think of at first is that he boned her. Or more accurately, he fucked her and got to cum inside of her, successfully inseminating her body. The word “pregnant” is practically dirty talk when you look at it that way.

Part of what drives me so wild with pregnant porn is how unmistakable the baby bump is. It’s the way the nipples grow and darken and that line that shows on the belly. It’s knowing that a man’s cock and cum caused all those changes to happen to a woman. It’s the idea that she is sexually active and uses her body the way nature intended.

Thank goodness there are pregnant porn discounts to fuel these fantasies of mine.