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Coco Is Pregnant and the Sex is Better than Ever

Nicole Austin AKA Coco is a hot mama who is now going to be a real MILF. She is well known for being Ice T’s wife and used to be a model, which makes the couple one of America’s favorite sweethearts! Coco and Ice T don’t have much drama, they seriously love each other and even though they fall in the rich and famous set, they kind of have somewhat normal lives.

Now Coco is pregnant for the first time in her 36 years and she doesn’t want to change her fashionable style. So far, she has been able to wear all of the skin tight sexy and revealing clothes in her closet. Coco is a fashionable lady plus she has huge tits. She has her own sexy fashion line called Liscious. Coco says that when the time comes, she’ll think about what type of maternity wear would be appropriate for her unique style.

Coco Is Pregnant

The other thing about Coco’s pregnancy is that she has been feeling really horny all the time! “If the door slams or the wind blows, Coco gets horny.” Laughed Ice T in one interview. In Coco’s words, she says she wants to be touched all the time, and is enjoying the changes to her body. However, as for the details about Coco’s pregnancy – they are keeping it mum. Coco doesn’t like the attention, says Ice T!

Source: Coco Is Pregnant and the Sex is Better than Ever